A Dream is a Dream Unless You Make it Into Reality.

Let’s suppose you want to go to Japan. You saw One Piece in middle school, and since then, you’ve taught yourself Japanese to the point where you don’t need subtitles to understand what the characters say. So, you are pretty sure you can survive in Japan as a traveler or maybe even as a semester-long exchange student. You also know the longer you stay in Japan, your language skills will improve. Although you searched for another way to live in Japan for a substantial period, you failed. Or so you think.

It is true there is little information on the internet about options for going to Japan to live. Getting a job in Japan is one. But it may not be that easy if you are a high school student without work experience. Teaching English to Japanese students is a big industry and a source of employment, but I suspect very few schools will entertain hiring someone without a college degree.

But there is another option for high school students: Attending college as a full-time student. Yes, you, an American high school student, can be accepted into colleges in Japan without going through the infamous entrance examination “hell.” As Japanese colleges and universities grapple with the wave of globalization, many have adopted different admissions gateways for students from overseas.

If you want to make your dream come true, stay tuned. I will tell you more details about how you can get into Japanese colleges in this blog. 

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